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20 June

Social Intrapreneurship Goes Mainstream

The rise of the social intrapreneur
A social intrapreneur is someone who works inside a major corporation and brings innovative and practical solutions to major social or environmental challenges. Often those individuals do not hold a formal job title that includes the words “sustainability”, instead they are the quiet innovators who drive change from the bottom up or wherever they are in the organisation. And this work can often feel very lonely, as if you are the only one who sees the opportunities…

When I was working in multinational companies, I found myself wearing the shoes of the social intrapreneur - doing my real job during the day, and working more purposeful projects by night to satisfy my own personal values. And I often felt like I was always swimming against the current alone.  But what I came to understand is that I was not alone in my ideas, many others shared my passion and quest for meaningful work…. but I had to find them. They came from both inside and outside my own company, and in learning together we became much stronger and created more impact in our own work environments. You can read a recent article by Forbes about the Social Intrapreneurs here:

This is the time for the social intrapreneur - not only is his contribution more welcome than ever before - but he is gaining more notoriety and recognition. At S360 we celebrate the social intrapreneurs… We celebrate the people like you, using their organisations to bring positive change to society…. 

Lara Toensmann