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17 July

LEAD Sürdürülebilirlik İçin Liderlik Programına Başvurular Devam Ediyor

LEAD Sürdürülebilirlik için Liderlik Programı başvuruları 21 Temmuz’a kadar devam ediyor. LEAD International 19. kez düzenlenen Sürdürülebilirlik için Liderlik Programı (LEAD Sustainability for Leadership Program) için son katılımcıları bekliyor. Eylül 2014 – Şubat 2015 tarihleri arasında düzenlenen Sürdürülebilirlik için Liderlik Programı liderlik ve sürdürülebilirlik alanında deneysel bir öğrenim yolculuğu sunuyor. Portekiz ile İngiltere'de ve internet üzerinden verilen modüllerle ilgili daha fazla bilgi sahibi olmak için aşağıdaki linke tıklayabilir veya adresine mail atarak programın size uygun olup olmadığını öğrenebilirsiniz.

LEAD Sustainability for Leadership Program is Open for Applications 

LEAD International are recruiting for the final few participants for the 19th cohort of their Sustainability for Leadership programme 2014. The deadline for application is the 21st of July.

The Leading for Sustainability Programme is a highly experiential learning journey, taking participants to locations in Europe and enabling them to build their confidence and leadership in the field of sustainability. Participants are gaining new skills by exploring real sustainability challenges with a variety of stakeholders which helps them see the bigger picture and provides them with tools and the network to make a real difference to a sustainable world.??The next Leading for Sustainability programme will take place from 1 September to 15 February 2015. The deadline for applications is 21 July 2014. The Programme is split into four modules. Two of the modules are run virtually. The other two modules of the course are run as a 5-day residential each in two different locations in Europe (the second one usually takes place in the UK). This year, the first residential will take place in Querença (Algarve), Portugal.??Drawn from more than 90 countries, the graduates of the Lead programme (Lead Fellows) now represent the world’s largest and most influential network of cross-sectoral and cross-cultural sustainability leaders. They are leaders in their respective fields and are working to make a difference at local, regional and global levels.??For further information on the Leading for Sustainability Programme and to see a short video, please follow this link.??For further information on fees, please follow this link.??To read or see what other people say about the programme (incl. video testimonials), please click here.??If you are interested in possibly attending this year, please get in touch and we can arrange a phone conversation to see whether this programme is the right one for you at this stage and whether you are suitable candidate for this year’s Leading for Sustainability programme.